Meet Bridgeport’s Corey Paris

An elusive figure, Paris has roamed from Danbury to Hartford, West Haven to Bridgeport, and now to Stamford, all with the purpose of expanding his political ambitions. He will accept any office, in any town, just to prove his political skills. Unfortunately, this high ambition does not deliver results for the people for whom an elected official should serve. To understand how a Bridgeport resident received the Democratic nomination, you need to know who recruited Paris for this race and what they hope to accomplish.

Democratic Nomination Process

The Stamford Democratic City Committee was duped into accepting a last-minute nominee, one whom never lived in the district and had political ambitions back home in Bridgeport. Corrupt Bridgeport politicians, focused on receiving even more from Stamford taxpayers, made an offer that many sensible Democrats found offensive: give the Democratic nomination to a Bridgeport resident. With the support of just five Stamford Democrats, many of whom hold elected office, Bridgeport got their nominee.

Ganim Team Joins Campaign

With nomination in hand, Paris quickly got to work organizing his run in a district thirty minutes away. His first hire was Bridgeport mayor Joe Ganim’s former Deputy Chief of Staff. In 2003, Ganim was convicted on 16 federal charges including multiple counts of racketeering, extortion, conspiracy, bribery, mail, and tax fraud. Bridgeport voters seemed to have no problem returning Ganim back to City Hall following his prison release. In fact, Bridgeport has a long list of public officials that have convictions, including a current City Council member convicted of bribery, mail fraud, and tax evasion, a former state representative pleading guilty to voter fraud and the former police chief, who was recently sentenced to prison for defrauding the city and lying to the FBI.

Hardly a shining example of true honest service, Bridgeport has managed to play by their own set of rules, even if it hurts others in the process. Voters of Stamford’s 145th District need to ask themselves, whom is Corey Paris really looking to serve? The answer is clear: Bridgeport.

Voter Fraud Allegations

Corey Paris had no difficulty identifying his residence as Bridgeport in his filing with the State Elections Commission, but he and his backers demanded that he be handed nomination since he attends church in the district. Not only had Stamford Democrats created a new precedent, but it now invites Bridgeport to run candidates anywhere they want in the future, including more in Stamford. The 145th is just the start.

Immediately after accepting the nomination, publicly available voter information showed that Paris voted in Stamford’s State Senate race only three weeks earlier, while living in Bridgeport. A complaint, currently pending, was filed with the State Elections Commission, and is under active investigation. Further, an affidavit signed by the former treasurer for Connecticut Young Democrats, for which Paris currently serves as President, raises the possibility that Paris may have voted illegally on three separate occasions since leaving Stamford for Bridgeport, following a prior nomination loss in Stamford’s 146th District in 2018.

Unpaid Tax Bills

With scrutiny circling around him, Paris quickly tried to clean up any damage that voters could find on him, including paying an outstanding Stamford Motor Vehicle tax bill from 2018, when he set up residence and lost a prior attempt at office. Twenty-one months later, with taxpayers finally paid, it is unlikely that Paris would have even satisfied his bill, absent being a candidate.

Who Is the Real Corey Paris?

That is a question many voters have and depending on whom you ask, you will get a different response. Some characterize him as an uncanny individual, who can convince individuals into accepting whatever he attempts to sell them. The former treasurer of the Connecticut Young Democrats, for which Paris served as President, describes him much starker, as someone who demanded that the Treasurer ignore campaign finance laws and break the law instead. Rather than break the law, the Treasurer resigned from the Connecticut Young Democrats.

Corey Paris only registered to vote in Connecticut in 2017, at the age of 25. Fast forward four years and Paris is now a major party candidate from Bridgeport seeking to represent you in the legislature. Not shy to explain what he stands for, Paris brands himself a community activist fighting for social justice. In short, what Paris really means is that he is a Socialist fighting for the same policies that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez supports. Those policies include:

- Guaranteed Monthly Income – State government should lift individuals out of poverty by providing monthly checks to households making under a certain amount. Revenue is raised from higher taxes on small businesses and those who make over $25,000 annually.

- Redistribution of Wealth – Paris wants to raise your taxes and send revenue back into poorly managed towns, such as his corrupt hometown of Bridgeport. The philosophy behind this is that the middle class has an obligation to support these places through higher taxation. What this redistribution plan does not require is accountability from public officials on how the revenue is spent.

What Socialists, like my opponent, do not understand is that the high taxation they advocate for is paid largely by the middle class. Paris’s Socialist experiment would decimate our economy, drive businesses out of our state, implode our deficit, make it harder for the state to borrow, and make Connecticut even less affordable for middle class families.

The differences in this election could not be starker. One is a candidate from Bridgeport that would turn Stamford into an economic wasteland, as he redistributes Stamford’s middle-class wealth back home to Bridgeport. Another is a candidate that will protect our tax dollars from being wasted in poorly managed corrupt places like Bridgeport.

One candidate has self-serving political ambitions and another simply has a desire to serve the community he calls home.

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