Corey Paris’s Plan for CT

“I know firsthand that when society works to eradicate any form of inequality and brings marginalized communities together in the spirit of genuine cooperation, these transformative ideas will drive life-changing action.” – Corey Paris

This hodgepodge quote is simply a fancy way of saying wealth redistribution. Let’s see how well that actually works. Some states, such as Illinois and New York, have done exactly what Paris advocates, pushing income tax rates up on middle class families, while imposing added taxes. Not only did both states see an exodus of middle-class families, but crime increased in both likewise. In our own state, four of our five largest cities are wholly dependent on state aid, yet even with more state aid flowing in, middle class families have exited. Only Stamford has proven to be economically viable. Therefore, why would we want to experiment with what has not worked in places such as Bridgeport and Hartford? And even more, why would we impose such a failed policy on our own vibrant city? These are questions that social justice warriors, such as Corey Paris cannot answer, since serving Stamford is not the goal. The Paris plan takes money away from success stories, such as Stamford, and redistributes it back to Bridgeport, led by Corey Paris’s biggest booster, Bridgeport mayor and convicted felon Joe Ganim. Here’s how Paris would decide on issues important to residents of our district:


Paris supports the current Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula which provides massive taxpayer aid to Bridgeport, while Stamford’s public schools are continuously underfunded. In the legislature, Paris would continue shifting more taxpayer money back into Bridgeport, while our own public schools would experience stagnant or reduced funding.

Tax Relief

For wealth redistribution to work, taxes must be increased. Paris supports higher income taxes on those making $25,000 or more annually, while introducing new taxes on employers. He also supports an idea floating in the legislature, which would increase property tax assessments from 70% to 100%. Under this scenario, a home valued at $485,000 would pay an additional $3,800 in property taxes, a whopping 43% increase. Additional legislation seeks to drive this even higher, by imposing a new annual state tax on homeowner’s, with the revenue flowing back to Hartford and Bridgeport. This redistribution plan has devastating economic consequences and hurts middle class families the most.

Job Growth

Rather than be burdened with creating policy that enhances job growth, social justice advocates, like my opponent, support guaranteed monthly income. This is funded by taxing the “wealthy,” starting with individuals making $25,000 or more annually. The revenue is then redistributed back to economic wastelands in the form of monthly checks made available to its residents. The biggest beneficiary is none other than Bridgeport. This idea that residents in Paris’s hometown require a monthly bailout from taxpayers is not only unfeasible, but it devalues residents who seek employment, and have the same goals for their children as any family elsewhere in our state. As someone who grew up in poverty, I understand the cycle can be broken -- if you want it to. Paris merely keeps individuals entrapped in the same cycle that many seek an escape from.

Protecting Seniors

The wealth redistribution that Paris demands largely ignores the group needing assistance the most. As a state, we have a growing population of elderly individuals, many of whom rely on Social Security for basic income. While Paris may believe that Medicare is free, the reality is that premiums are deducted from monthly Social Security benefits, leaving seniors with even less income. Furthermore, Medicare does not provide for long term care. In our state alone, a drastic increase in Medicaid spending is derived from long term care spending. My opponent chooses to ignore the growing needs of this population and would instead tax them further. His plan shifts funding away from programs that benefit seniors and rewards corrupt politicians back home in Bridgeport.

Socialism Does not Work in Connecticut.

The utopia that Corey Paris envisions for Connecticut is not based on reality. It seeks to benefit a small group at the expense of many. It fails to understand that there are 49 other states where Connecticut’s residents can flee to, and it neglects the needs of our most vulnerable residents. It would cause unprecedented economic havoc on our state, pushing middle class families further behind, with many fleeing for greener pastures. While Paris may have lofty ideas, they simply are not based on reality, and they certainly do not serve Stamford families.

Paid for by JD Ospina for State Representative. Maxwell Hawkins, Treasurer. JD Ospina approves this message.