An Independent Voice for Stamford

As I walk the expansive 145th District, I am overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. Nothing could have prepared me for the stories shared openly by neighbors. The single mother working two jobs simply to support her family inspires me to work even harder.

The veteran who recently lost his wife to Alzheimer’s, a loss he grieves daily, gives me strength to ensure that our seniors and veterans are well taken care of.

The immigrant who recently attained US citizenship, is proudly casting his first vote for our campaign. These individuals comprise the face of our community, and if I am fortunate to earn your vote, I will fight everyday to make sure that they and your families are well represented.

I am not a career politician, nor am I seeking to become one. I am an educator, helping youth with learning disabilities. I am an immigrant, and the son of immigrants, who came to this great nation seeking opportunity. I am a veteran, having served our nation with pride, until a medical diagnosis forced me to accept an honorable discharge. I understand our great district since I live and work in it. I joined this race because my opponent, a Bridgeport resident, is not seeking to represent our district. He was recruited by corrupt Bridgeport politicians, interfering in our electoral process, whom seek to serve their own interests. As a veteran that served with honor, I could not sit back and allow my community to be defrauded by corrupt politicians.

I run as a Republican but assure you that I will be an Independent voice in Hartford. My priorities are tax relief for middle class families, improving our infrastructure, increased education funding for our public schools, growing jobs in Connecticut, and making sure that our seniors and veterans are not price gouged by pharmaceutical companies. For far too long your tax dollars have flowed into mismanaged towns, hurting our students, and resulting in higher property taxes here at home. I say no more. In the legislature I will fight for our district and oppose budgets that seek to use Stamford taxpayers as the funding spigot for poorly managed towns, including Bridgeport.

My opponent has bold ideas, none of which benefit Stamford. He supports an increase in income and property taxes, with revenue flowing out of Stamford and into places such as Bridgeport -- his hometown. His social justice activism is nothing more than a Socialist redistribution of wealth. It would punish middle class families with higher taxation, while redistributing our tax dollars back to the same corrupt politicians that helped him secure the nomination here in Stamford. Do not be fooled. Corey Paris is Bridgeport's voice, and they need your vote to make it happen.

I ask for your support and vote, as I continue to visit with neighbors in a district that I am proud to call home. As a soldier that served our wounded warriors, I promise that I will leave no one behind.

Paid for by JD Ospina for State Representative. Maxwell Hawkins, Treasurer. JD Ospina approves this message.