Juan David (JD) Ospina arrived in the United States at the age of three from Colombia, following his parents who arrived prior. His father worked countless hours weekly, taking on various kitchen restaurants jobs, just to have his family reunited once again. Following approval of his petition for permanent residency, JD settled in Greenwich, where he and his sister quickly excelled in the Greenwich Public School system. Growing up was never easy, but JD’s father had a strong work ethic, feeling indebted to a nation and community that was welcoming, to him and his children. Spending several years in public housing, both in Greenwich and Stamford, JD’s father always envisioned a much better future for his children.

The values instilled in him by his father gave JD the strength to get through college and land a job in healthcare, helping underserved populations attain health insurance. While rewarding, JD felt a much higher calling and joined the US Army as a combat medic.

The Army gave JD an opportunity to repay a nation that opened its doors to him and his family. Service to our nation was short-lived however, following a medical diagnosis, requiring JD to accept an honorable discharge. Instead of allowing setback be a deterrent, JD continued forward and found a new calling in life: helping children. Enhancing math skills on his own, JD earned a certificate in education, and began tutoring students that struggled with learning disabilities. Knowing the value of education to our society, JD has offered hours of free learning support to underserved communities. He even used this new calling to enhance his own education, earning a Master’s in Public Administration from NYU. He currently serves as a member of Stamford’s Social Service Commission and is active with the Stamford Public Education Fund, where he is an advocate for children through the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI).

JD’s desire to serve others comes from his father, whom is no longer here. It comes from a great nation that gave JD the opportunities his father could only have dreamt of, and most of all, it comes from a community that saw him as one of us. JD wants to continue serving the neighbors he has come to know and the community he has gained much appreciation for.

Paid for by JD Ospina for State Representative. Maxwell Hawkins, Treasurer. JD Ospina approves this message.