About JD Ospina - Candidate to represent 145th district in Connecticut

As a member of the Social Services Commission for the City of Stamford, and a graduate of NYU with a degree in Public Administration. JD has lived in the West Side neighborhood of Stamford for the last 10 years where he mentored and tutored dozens of students in math and academic skills.

JD Ospina has a unique perspective to handle the growing debt crises that Connecticut is in while addressing the needs of our community. JD Ospina understands complex municipal finance in a way that ables him to effectively look at our state budget and target areas where we can find cost-saving options and opportunity for additional revenue.

But how does Connecticut's debt crises matter to you?

The Government has taken up a lot of debt because politicians are under the impression that endless spending will automatically earn them the support of all. Unfortunately, the money being spent is our money that we pay through with taxes. High taxes and high interest rates makes everything expensive in the long run, including getting loans for cars, groceries, or paying for gas. Even your rent will increase because property taxes may have to increase to pay for public spending.

Connecticut is facing a $ 2.1 Billion deficit. This is dangerous to ourselves and to our children who will inherit and pay for it through higher taxes and higher costs of living if we don't step up and elect new leaders in Hartford that can fix this. Current leaders want to fix our budget issues by adding tolls in our highways, but that is the lazy way out. There are many cost-savings opportunities that we as a state can take advantage of without having the average worker pay even more.

High costs of living is economic injustice for people of all backgrounds!

I have fought my entire life for what is right. Growing up with limited resources, I was persistent in finding work to help my parents pay for basic necessities while allowing my sister and I maintain an education. As such, I value education and I believe that parents know what is right for their children. This is why I support school choice while also strengthening our public school system. It is not fair that Stamford gets such low assistance for our students, in fact Stamford sends around $900 million in income tax receipts to the state government every year and gets back only $17 million for education and other areas of public need. We need change!

I am reachable at any time. My cell is (203) 543-3085 or feel free to browse through my Facebook page to learn more about my vision for CT and the need for new leadership. My email is jd@jdforct.com

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